A Philosophy


Eugenio Boer's culinary philosophy is based on "tasting concepts" that express his personal idea of cooking, which results from creativity and discipline, born alongside its great masters. Each concept contains a series of dishes that tempt guests to try different paths, linked to tradition, but always with a future-oriented appearance and flavors. Concepts which entice the senses and that the chef loves to share as each one tells something about ourselves and life itself. The dishes, on the other hand, change based on the seasons and are always evolving as they are linked to his feelings.


Faithful to this mindset, chef Boer focuses attention on raw materials and seasonality, offering a gastronomic journey that includes three different menu options. This is how the menu can be enjoyed through the "Vegetables", "Meats" and "Fish" sections, as well as "Desserts". Within each "option" the guest can choose an appetizer, starter and main course deciding whether to follow a theme-based option or possibly combine dishes belonging to different sections.


Our wine list offers a small but beautiful, fresh selection. Empathetic, not structured in a classical way, but which taps into feelings and concepts that help guests find their way in the vast and wonderful world of wine. The winery, still in its completion stage, already includes a total of 300 labels, among which there are small production areas and independent "vignerons". The philosophy is the same as that adopted for food; the constant search for people who through their hard work make a real difference. The wine list obviously includes wines from Italy, but also draws from other countries, such as France, Austria, Germany and Spain. Last but not least, the wine list also includes Champagne.